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The School Breathe Online programme

Provides over 40 guided breathwork and mindfulness techniques, in bite-sized video and audio formats, to help children learn effective and healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety. Presented by our team of breath coaches, mindfulness teachers and yoga teachers, the programme includes a full variety of scientifically proven techniques, including breath count exercises for improved concentration, breathing meditations to encourage a calmer state of mind and breath-led techniques to manage emotions, along with audio visualisations to help develop confidence and help alleviate and manage mental health issues. The School Breathe programme can help both children and their teachers to feel more present and focused, thus enhancing both the learning and teaching experience. Presented by one of our School Breathe experts, your school will receive a weekly breath-focused exercise, in video format, to practice throughout the academic year, accompanied by printable tips and advice to help you and your pupils integrate breathwork into your school day. We also offer live or pre-recorded inset training and wellbeing sessions for teachers introducing the school to the benefits of practicing breathwork in the classroom. Our team of breath coaches, breathwork trainers, mindfulness experts, mental health professionals and yoga teachers offer online introductory wellbeing classes for children, teachers and schools to allow you to experience the foundation of the School Breathe programme.

“We LOVE School Breathe. We are always recommending you to other schools. This morning I recommended you to our SEND Inclusion Partner for West Essex and she is going to share with other schools as we love it that much.

We use Monday assembly times to deliver School Breathe for the week, share the printable breath techniques with parents in our weekly newsletter and every class is using it in their own way but there are children who are already helping other children or grown-ups to breathe when they recognise they are a bit stressed or sad!” – Claire Jackman, Head Teacher, Great Easton School

“The School Breathe programme has been extremely helpful for both pupils and staff at Sebright school. It has changed the way we think about how we prepare the pupils to learn and how we manage stress and anxiety. Staff and pupils enthusiastically take part in all the activities and we look forward to what new breathwork activities Aimee and her team prepare for us every week. I would highly recommend investing in the program.” – James Green, Headmaster, Sebright School


    Breath coach training for individual teachers wishing to become dedicated in-school breath coaches. Learn how to recognise dysfunctional breathing patterns and learn the infinite benefits of a healthy breathing habit. Introduce scientifically proven breath techniques into the school day for a calmer and more focused approach to learning and teach children life-changing breath techniques to self-regulate their feelings.


    Over 40 breathwork techniques, mindfulness meditations and breath-focused visualisations in video and audio format to help support mental health challenges. A short regular practice has been proven to enhance focus and concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, boost physical wellbeing, improve immunity and encourage children to build better relationships with themselves and others.


    Downloadable breath techniques to print out for pupils to take home to encourage children to build and maintain a regular breath practice.  Access to our team of breath coaches and mindfulness experts for online and one to one sessions.

    About Us

    Passionate about sharing the benefits of conscious breathwork, we are a team of certified breath coaches, meditation teachers, children’s yoga teachers, mental health professionals and empowerment coaches who believe children should learn and experience the life-enhancing effects of breathwork at school. We are committed to developing the highest quality programmes and training, creating effective and practical breathwork techniques for pupils, parents, and teachers to enhance the lives of future generations. With the reported increase in stress levels and mental health issues amongst school children, the programme can help children, parents and teachers develop healthy habits to enable them to manage stress and anxiety and learn the invaluable lesson of learning to breathe well. Scientifically proven, conscious breathwork has numerous benefits for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which can help children feel more relaxed, focused and happy.

    What our Clients Say

    We all have to breathe but to learn to breathe well and to take notice of how it changes our mind and health is amazing!

    I will definitely be putting these techniques into practice, both at home and school.

    The training was very well planned and I feel the most beneficial inset I have taken part of in terms of benefitting my class.

    Breathwork & Wellbeing Classes

    With the growing demand for wellbeing initiatives in schools and new social distancing rules and bubble groups in place, we are offering Zoom and Microsoft Team classes (pre-recorded or live classes) directly to your school for both teachers and pupils. From 20-minute breathwork introductory classes to half-day teacher training for inset days, we can tailor-make a wellbeing programme to suit your needs. Presented by one of the School Breathe Team, you will learn expert tips in managing stress and anxiety, experience breath techniques for improved immunity and physical health, meditation exercises for improved focus and concentration and visualisations to help ease over-thinking and you can learn new ways to feel relaxed, sleep better and have more natural energy. please email for further information.