School Breathe x Camp Bestival

We are super excited to hear the news that  School Breathe will be going to Camp Bestival Dorset + Camp Bestival Shropshire this year. We will be reading out our breathing poems and short stories, for children to learn about the importance of breathing well, using fun, interactive, and easy to remember breath techniques. Read more about the festival here: Camp Bestival.

 We hope to see you there!












School Breathe x Now and Beyond

On 9th February 2022 we’ll be hosting workshops and sessions for schools from our local area as part of Now and Beyond – the UK’s only national mental health and wellbeing festival for educational settings.

It’s hosted by youth mental health charity Beyond, founded by Jonny Benjamin MBE. Their first festival was in February 2021 and it was a massive success reaching over half a million students, teachers and parents! This year they want it to be even bigger and better than the last.

Parents, teachers and students alike will be able to participate in a number of ways including through free online workshops for their school, lesson materials and live streamed panels with celebrity guests.

If you work in a school, please register here to take part. SIGN UP!

If you work in young people’s mental health or wellbeing and want to get involved in the festival, please sign up here. Now and Beyond Festival

Power of Silence: by Tate Gronow

Today, children are in a near constant state of noise and stimulation with the role technology now plays in our lives. Alongside technology, everything is so fast paced and this of course transfers onto children, leaving very little time for stillness. A recent article published by National Geographic highlighted the important role that silence can play in children’s mental health, acting as a safe pause from external stimuli to allow them to better process their emotions and the world around them….read more here…

To read more about Tate’s work, please visit her website








School Breathe Love by Aimee Hartley

Knowing the infinite benefits a breathwork practice can bring, here at School Breathe, we are passionate about teaching breathwork to school children. This year it’s our aim to train 100 primary school teachers to become dedicated in-school breath coaches. But we can’t achieve this alone! We are reaching out to the wider community who feel committed to helping the next generation to learn invaluable tools for life. Imagine how it would have felt to learn key breathwork techniques when you were at school?

On Monday 14th February 2022, we are asking individuals, breath coaches, health and wellbeing professionals, yoga studios and local businesses to offer a small percentage (10 or 20%, or whatever you feel fit) of their takings on Valentine’s Day (or any day that week that suits) towards the School Breathe Love campaign.

Our dedicated team of School Breathe breath coaches will be offering donation-based workshops, one-to-one’s, and fun interactive breathwork sessions, throughout the week, to raise essential funds for primary schools in deprived areas to train a teacher to become a dedicated in-school breath coach. We strongly believe that breathwork should be a key component within the education system. Please read in full here:

Children are Sponges & Mirrors, by Kevin McQuaid

Imagine the scene – it’s one most of us know well – two children get involved in some form of conflict: a game goes wrong, one child feels excluded, one of the children finds it hard to accept no, frustration builds until either both (or one of the children) are on the verge of tears or getting physical. At this point a well-meaning adult comes upon what is happening, sees what is going on and the exasperated children plead their case, gabbling out what has happened, each one trying to outdo the other in being heard, their side more important, more relevant. Feeling for both children the adult’s advice is for the children to “calm down”. An abstract outcome, that both children want to achieve, yet one in that moment they have absolutely no idea how to attain….read more here…

To read more about Kevin’s breathwork, please visit his website: