Introducing School Breathe’s latest creations, these colourful and relaxing breath exercises encourage both teacher and child to slow their breath rate down, which will help induce feelings of calm and relaxation:

Circle Breathe and River Breathe below have been created for smaller, younger lungs. Children aged 4 upwards will be able to enjoy these animations. Circle breathe is with music too should you have good speakers.

Circle Breathe (4 years +)  

Box Breathe introduces a short breath hold and is great for slightly older children with a bigger lung capacity. Rainbow breathe is also better for older children. Ask them to which colour is easier to breathe with.

Box Breathe (6 years +)

River Breathe ( 4 years +)

Rainbow Breathe (7/8 years +) 




You can also visit our School Breathe You Tube Channel for breath techniques presented by our online breath coaches.