You will be turning your attention to your ‘internal landscape’ during this audio visual Breathscape. Guided by the calming tones of voice over artist, Abbe Opher, you will go on a breathing journey which will help you become aware of the different temperatures within your body. You will then practise a breathing exercise to help you bring your awareness to how the upper chest moves during inspiration and the slow breath pace will help you feel calm as you watch the scenery unfold. 

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Tweak the Technique

Tuesday: Can the children think of a beautiful warm place they have visited? Or the last warm and sunny day they enjoyed. Ask the children to take 10 breaths as they imagine themselves there.

Wednesday: Can the children move around today (space permitting!) before they breathe? Can you ask them to move their body in a vigorous way. Ask them to imagine that they are in a really cold place and they need to warm their body up. Even shaking the hands/wrists arms can bring heat into the body. Then place both hands on the lower belly and take 10 – 20 conscious breaths.

Thursday: Today you will create some heat in your body. Simply ask the children to rub their palms together vigorously – like warming them up on a cold day.  Can they feel any heat between the hands? Once they have created some heat, ask them to place their hands on their lower bellies and slow their breath rate down for one minute. You can then repeat. So heat the hands up again. And breathe. Complete a few more rounds and notice how you feel. Calm and energised at the same time?

Friday: You could turn this into Fireday! Repeat yesterday’s palm rubbing, but today you will breathe in through the nose and bring your palms up in front of your mouth, and then breathe OUT through the mouth, so you can feel your breath on your palms. Does it feel warm? Repeat this 5 – 10 times. Slowing both the inhale and exhale down. 

“Technology is, of course, a double edged sword.

Fire can cook our food but also burn us.”

– Jason Silva