Exclusive Online Membership: Full Academic Year

Learn the benefits of breathing well with this comprehensive online breathwork programme.  Each week, you will receive scientifically proven breath techniques to practice in video and audio format.   The breath techniques, presented by one of the School Breathe Team, are easy to learn, fun to practise and very memorable, so pupils can cultivate a self practice.

Based on scientific research, the breath exercises can help improve concentration and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, boost confidence and self worth  – all vital for a healthy learning environment.

“The School Breathe program has been extremely helpful for both pupils and staff at Sebright school. It has changed the way we think about how we prepare the pupils to learn and how we manage stress and anxiety. Staff and pupils enthusiastically take part in all the activities and we look forward to what new breathwork activities Aimee and her team prepare for us every week. I would highly recommend investing in the program.” – James Green, Headmaster, Sebright School

  • Breath techniques in video, audio + animated formats
  • New breath exercises to practise each week
  • Downloadable + printable support materials
  • Online support + advice from the School Breathe team

£2 per child within your school

Online Membership: Half of the Academic Year

Online Membership. A trial of the School Breathe programme for half the academic year. The majority of schools who sign up will then go on to complete the full academic year. This is a thorough introduction to breathwork and children will reap the benefits a short regular breath practice and learn and experience the benefits of adopting healthy breathing habits.


  • Breath exercises in video, audio + animation format
  • Scientifically proven techniques
  • Printable support materials

£1 per child within your school

School Breathe LIVE

We can offer in person breathwork sessions as part of wellbeing weeks and inset training days for teachers to learn about the benefits of introducing breathwork into the classroom.

If requested one of our experienced and qualified School Breathe team will teach directly to the students, from ages four upwards. The curriculum includes explaining what breathwork is and why it is important, what breath techniques to use and where/when to use them. How to establish a fun, sustainable daily breath practice for improved well-being and stress/anxiety relief. We leave each School with a step by step guide to help the students and teachers maintain the practices that have been introduced.

We have seen some amazing results, transformations and had continuous positive feedback from teachers and students from the schools who have embarked on a School Breathe Live experience.

Here is what Lucy from Totteridge Academy said about our recent six-week breathwork course, teaching over 100 students aged 11-13 years old. 

“Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your hard work and commitment over the last 5 weeks. You’ve both been a total pleasure to work with – thoughtful, dedicated and really passionate about what you do. This was evident in the way you delivered your lessons. I went into tutor time this morning and it was so great to see students implementing their 2-minute breathing practice. I hope this is the start of a big change here at the school, and you have both massively contributed to that.” 

  • School Breathe LIVE including breathwork classes + courses
  • 1hr – half day classes and workshops for pupils + teachers

Prices on request