Sponsor a Teacher to become a School Breathe Breath Coach

Anxiety in the classroom has increased at an alarming rate over the last year. Learning specific breath techniques is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to trigger a parasympathetic nervous system response. Training primary school teachers to become breath coaches is a practical and proven approach for creating a calmer classroom. The training can be accessed online and we have a number of teachers keen to start training today!

Suggested forms of contribution:

£20 = 4 x “Breath Reminders” A set of beautifully hand made breath techniques illustrated on wooden signs to  hang in the classroom

£95 = Online introductory 121 class with one of our breath coaches to introduce the teacher to breathwork, its benefits and teaching of 3 of our much loved breath work techniques

£250 = Contribute to a teacher training as an in-school breath coach

£495 = Make a teachers day! Contribute to them taking the full breath coach training course.

Suggested price: £495.00


We have teachers on our Sponsorship waiting list wishing to train to become a School Breathe Breath Coach. They are keen to take the scientifically proven breathwork practices and full programme into the classroom to equip their pupils with invaluable tools, which will last a lifetime.  Supporting teachers during these times is crucial, as anxiety rises and budgets dwindle, we are determined to bridge the gap and offer our Breath Coach Training as part of a sponsorship. Small or full contributions will go towards offering a free membership to those teachers on the School Breathe Breath Coach Teacher Training waiting list. The full training is £495.00 and you can sponsor what you wish