Who are you spending Valentine’s Day with this year?


How do you feel about joining a community of breathwork-loving souls who are gathering to raise awareness, and funds, for the School Breathe Love campaign, which launches on 14th February 2022?

Knowing the infinite benefits a breathwork practice can bring, here at School Breathe, we are passionate about teaching breathwork to school children. This year it’s our aim to train 100 primary school teachers to become dedicated in-school breath coaches. But we can’t achieve this alone! We are reaching out to the wider community who feel committed to helping the next generation to learn invaluable tools for life. Imagine how it would have felt to learn key breathwork techniques when you were at school?

On Monday 14th February 2022, we are asking individuals, breath coaches, health and wellbeing professionals, yoga studios and local businesses to offer a small percentage (10 or 20%, or whatever you feel fit) of their takings on Valentine’s Day (or any day that week that suits) towards the School Breathe Love campaign.

Our dedicated team of School Breathe breath coaches will be offering donation-based workshops, one-to-one’s, and fun interactive breathwork sessions, throughout the week, to raise essential funds for primary schools in deprived areas to train a teacher to become a dedicated in-school breath coach. We strongly believe that breathwork should be a key component within the education system.

Should your time be stretched, you can donate directly via the link here SUPPORT TODAY.  We will be shouting about all our supporters and sponsors, via our website and Instagram @schoolbreathe, and we are dedicated to spreading the word of your wonderful offerings and work too.

All donations, however large or small, will be gratefully received. Here is a breakdown of what teachers receive as part of the breath coach training:

  • Full access to the online breath coach training, plus downloadable materials (breathing cards + posters) to be used in class
  • Access to live workshops for self-development with one of our breath coaches
  • Ongoing support throughout the training from our breath coach training team
  • A ‘Breath Coach’ starter pack which includes:
  • A fun, interactive breath routine in book (hardcopy) booklet format for R + KS1
  • Online access to our ‘Breathscapes’ series for KS2 +
  • Beautiful wooden hanging breath cards to create a ‘calm corner’ within the classroom
  • 6-week course at the end of the training for each class to access

Teachers who have embarked on the breath coach training have been astonished by the immediate results, and it’s our dream to reach more teachers and school children this year. With budgets being stretched, and many schools interested in the programme being in deprived areas, we need your help to raise these essential funds. Here is what one of our in-school breath coaches has to say:

“I am very happy to say, at the end of last year I did a survey with the pupils I had been teaching breathwork to, and it was an overwhelming positive response. When I showed this to the head of the school, she was very happy and has given the green light for me to teach breathwork to all of year 5 and 6 this year (nearly 200 children!!) So, I am very excited to say the least.”

Mrs Dadley, Junior School Teacher, and trained School Breathe Breathcoach.

We so hope you can join us! We can provide you with some colourful Instagram posts and story templates to say you will be joining our School Breathe Love campaign too.

Is your heart in it? If the answer is a big heartfelt YES, we can send you an email today with further information, and some ideas of how you can get involved, along with a huge dose of School Breathe Love. Please email info@schoolbreathe.com and we will be in touch!

If you can’t contribute financially, here are some other ways you can support the campaign.

  • Copy and paste this link and send it to one colleague or friend who comes to mind
  • Share the campaign with your local yoga studio/company
  • Share the campaign with a local company who you feel would love to support children learning breathwork at school
  • Connecting with us on Instagram @schoolbreathe and sharing the campaign along with the free breath exercises we will be offering this month.
  • Download our Top 3 School Breathe breath exercises (please see the images on the right/below) to share on Instagram and your favourite social media platforms. Or please email us on info@schoolbreathe.com and we can email a few more images over to you.

We hope you can join us and a growing number of people who strongly believe in the power of breathwork!

Thanking you so much,


Aimee & The School Breathe Team.

Important information: School Breathe (www.schoolbreathe.com) is a team of the UK’s leading breath coaches, the programme introduces over 40 breathing techniques, in bite-sized video (no longer than 5 mins) and audio format that can be enjoyed daily within the classroom. The online programme encourages children to learn scientifically proven healthy breathing habits, which allows them to self-regulate their emotions, feel calmer quickly, boost their immunity, cultivate focus and concentration and so much more.

With an astonishing spike in anxiety, stress, depression over the last two years, amongst 5 – 9year olds, and one in six (16.0%) children aged 5 to 16 years being identified as having a probable mental disorder (ref: Anxious Minds), along with little or no support available, School Breathe believes breathwork should be taught in school from an early age. The plethora of breath techniques taught within the breath coach training offers children self-empowering tools to help them cope with the everyday life challenges.

‘Children’s mental health services such as school counsellors and drop-in centres has fallen in real terms in more than a third of areas in England, a report shows.’ – Anxious Minds

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