Meet the Team

Aimee Hartley

Founder of the School Breathe programme, Aimee has been teaching breathwork for over 10 years. She is a certified Transformational Breath facilitator, and author of Breathe Well. When her eldest child started school, she gradually became aware of some of the pressures and stresses both teachers and children can sometimes experience within the school environment.

Knowing all of the benefits a breathwork practice can bring, along with scientific research proving the effectiveness of particular breathing techniques, she spent a couple of years developing an accessible breathwork programme for schools.

“It’s been proven that a little and often breathwork practice can help improve concentration, lower stress levels, boost confidence and help children to connect with the present moment, all of which are essential qualities for learning. The programme has reached over 1,000 children already and we are hoping many more will learn the importance of breathing well and how this can benefit them throughout their lives”

Jessie Laute

Jessie discovered breathwork after leaving the challenges of the corporate world. It was life changing, allowing her to manage stress, improve relationships, integrate past trauma and find her true calling. Jessie trained in Brazil, Mexico, US, UK now based in London sharing this powerful tool to help transform lives.

“I’m passionate about working with children for they are our future. Breathwork can help build confidence and act as a support to children’s mental health. A regualr practice can help to shape a more conscious future for all”

Hannah Goodman

After certifying and teaching as a Yoga Teacher, Hannah found breathwork in Bali in 2015 with Anthony Abbagnano, founder of Alchemy of Breath.
Hannah has since trained as an ‘Alchemy of Breath’ Breathwork Facilitator and breathed over a thousand people from Bali to Ibiza, Denmark, Italy, Geneva, London and Cornwall
Today, while still in co-creation with Alchemy of Breath, Hannah is passionately focused on sharing the tools for a Grounded.Life. With the use of breathwork, movement, core energetics and sound, she works with groups, corporate teams and individuals, holding the space for you to explore your truth and breathe into your fullest being.

“Healthy breathing habits, make healthy empowered people”

Russell Storey

Russell is an International Breathwork Trainer who has worked with Conscious Breathing since 2010. He initially encountered Breathwork during a time of severe emotional crisis and burnout, and has since gone on to train hundreds of people around the world in how to use Conscious Breathing to improve their lives.

Now living in Australia, his mission is to share the power of breath with as many people as he can to help them take charge of their own lives and to resolve stress, anxiety and many other ailments that are considered commonplace in today’s ever changing & complex world.

“Conscious Breathing is a skill for life and if we’re serious about equipping our kids with everything we can to help them succeed, I can’t think of anything more valuable for their mental & emotional health than discovering for themselves the power of changing how they breathe.’”

Stuart Sandeman

Stuart is a judo black belt, peak performance coach and respiratory consultant. He works with Olympic Athletes and businesses including Google and Nike teaching them to access creativity and flow. Stuart’s life was transformed by breathwork after the loss of his girlfriend to cancer. He has made it his mission to share his methods with the world.

“Understanding how your breathing patterns can change the way you feel, think, act, operate and perform is possibly the best life skill any child can learn. From there, anything is possible”

Lisa Carmody

Having practised yoga for many years, Lisa completed Triyoga’s 2 year yoga teacher training diploma in 2018. The very foundation of yoga, the breath, has provided her with an illuminating journey inwards, and subsequently outwards. Lisa is also a qualified Mental Health Nurse, working with both young people and adults, within the NHS. Yoga, with a focus on deep diaphragmatic breathing, has been a love affair and a saviour when maintaining her own mental well-being.


“Working within the NHS, for the mental health services, has underlined the integral importance of equipping young people with the tools to self-manage their own mental health – breath work being one of those powerful tools. Breathwork can provide young people with the agency to feel they have the power to change their internal experience”.

Ella Oliver

Breathwork help me overcome anxiety & panic attacks – it gave me back my life force. I support others in their own recovery & reconnection with life. Working with chronic illness, mental health, children, older people, and those who want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, I support empowerment, and opening up to the magic of life. Transformational Breath® continues to inspire me daily, in the awe of our humanity.

“Teaching children the power of their breath enables them to approach life with the ancient undeniable wisdom, empowerment & secrets to life incontestably relevant and fundamentally necessary for successful navigation of our modern times.’”

Anne Marie Wickham

Anne-Marie BA (Hons) Dip Adv Hyp. Best Selling Author, certified Positive Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Life Coach, DISC trainer and Empowerment & Confidence Workshop Facilitator with a wealth of work and life experience in the area of personal development and achievement.

Anne-Marie’s passion for personal development stems from her 18 year career in Teaching, Children Looked After Outreach, Early Years Child Psychology, Early Years Social Development and working as an Early Years Consultant and Nursery Manager.

“Breathwork is the foundation of my work with children and adults. Drawing a child’s attention to their breathing to begin teaching them the power of managing their own state is crucial to empowering their journey of self-belief and personal mind and body management. Amazing fast track transformations can be achieved if a child has previous breathwork awareness. Once children are aware of the power of their breath and to learn how they can control this, they really embrace and enjoy the feeling of being ‘in control’ as there are limited opportunities in a young life to be so… so they really enjoy exercising this personal power to dictate their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours on their terms”

Denisa Vulkova

Denisa is the founder of MahaDevi Centre, its lead teacher, Yoga for the Special Child (YSC) teacher trainer and senior YSC practitioner for Europe. Denisa has practised yoga since she was 13. Initially, she trained with the Sivananda yoga school. She met the founder of Yoga for Special Child Programme, Sonia Sumar in 2009 and trained with directly with her and has been teaching YSC method and studying with Sonia Sumar since.

Mel Square

Melanie Lacy-Fewtrell

Melanie discovered breathwork at a retreat she attended in 2013, the experience transformed her life and she is now qualified as an Inspirational Breathing Breathwork Practitioner, offering adults & children breathwork sessions in West Sussex.  Having worked as a teaching assistant and being a Mum of two, she saw how effective different breathing techniques helped children of all ages deal with stress, anxiety, confidence, energy levels & relaxation.

“I am passionate about raising breath awareness, if children can learn this vital skill at an early age the more empowered they’ll be in managing their own mental & emotional & physical health”

James Dowler

Having spent years practising meditation with teachers across Europe, James stumbled across a Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop and in his first session knew he had found the tool that he was here to share.

Now, he spends his time teaching people to harness the power of their breath to alleviate mental and emotional issues and improve their physical health.

“I believe that the earlier you can equip children with the necessary tools for good mental and physical health, the greater the chance they have at thriving in life”

Georgie Lawlor

Following her performing career, Georgie has always had an innate curiosity around the power of the breath and somatic movement. Following her Oxygen Advantage training under Patrick Mckeown, the worlds leading expert in the re-education of breath, she now helps groups and individuals optimise their health, both mentally and physically, using functional breath work techniques and somatic movement practises. Georgie offers online ‘Move & Breathe’ classes for School Breathe’s younger audiences along with ‘Rainy Day P.E’ sessions, some of which can be found on School Breathe’s You Tube Channel.

Vanessa Bridgman

Vanessa started yoga in 2013 and unknowingly began to repair more than a decade of disassociation with her body. Drawing from many lineages (Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti) Vanessa’s teaching intuitively delivers what would most serve the student in that moment.

Grateful for the expansive yoga community, whilst exploring its many iterations Vanessa found Yin Yoga and in it the perfect opportunity to escape the bustle so needed in urban modernity. Her particular flavour of Yin weaves breathwork, visualisation, meditation, Chinese medicine understanding and yogic philosophy amongst a backdrop of longer held poses.

Vanessa founded and offers yoga classes within schools in London