The Scientific Benefits of Breathwork

The School Breathe programme teaches scientifically proven breathwork techniques to help children manage stress and anxiety, feel calmer, more focused and emotionally balanced.

Building and sustaining a mindful breathwork practice has been proven to lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and reduce symptoms of depression.

The School Breathe programme encourages a little and often approach whereby pupils and teachers can practice short, effective breath techniques during the day. The breathwork techniques include breath counting, breath awareness, breath visualisation, mindful breathing, yoga based breath techniques and more. All of which have proven benefits to the body and mind. 

With printable scripts available and helpful resources offered each week, the pupils can take their breath practice home.  Many studies have proven that a regular breathwork practice can improve the quality of sleep and can have a positive effect on those with insomnia.

Science shows that changing the way we breathe can have a positive effect on our mental, emotional and physical states. The School Breathe programme offers a wide variety of proven breath focused techniques to improve concentration, focus, pep up energy levels. A regular practice can help build happier, healthier schools.











Try one of our favourite breath work techniques.

This is the Box Breathe presented by Jessie Laute. Box Breathe has so many benefits but primarily it’s used to improve your concentration and focus.  Once you have watched this once, you can practice for a few rounds. Notice how you feel.

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